Evidence for Decision Making

The Measure Program is expert at using evidence to learn and to achieve goals.

Our horizon for ways to generate evidence is wide. Our experience includes predictive analysis, machine learning, assessment, surveys, all types of research, implementation science to optimize programs, and evaluation to measure the effects of programs and policies. Our experts are skilled in communication, cultural sensitivity, and critical and creative thinking.

We work in complex environments. We consider context, such as leadership and governance, human capacity, parallel or competing information structures, and unexpected events. We employ methods such as most significant change, organizational network analysis, process tracing, causal link analysis, ripple effects mapping, and synthetic controls to make sense of complexity.

We embrace continuous learning and adaptation (CLA) to build human and organizational skills and to ensure that findings and solutions are collaborative, on target, and sustainable. We have longstanding and collaborative partnerships with a network of universities in low-resource settings to write and implement curricula for undergraduate, graduate, and continuous learning.

The Measure Program capabilities and services in evidence for decision making