Data Solutions

Data are not the answer. Data are ingredients that can reveal the answer.

The Measure Program believes the first step is to figure out what you need to know to make smart decisions. Data gathered depend on available resources and innovations to find efficiencies. All types of data are dynamic and can be improved in quality, completeness, and timeliness—so you can develop better solutions.

Increasingly, data are digital. For decades, we have worked with data collection, analysis, and use, especially in global health. Countries call upon us to help them develop guidelines for eHealth and mHealth, data system interoperability, data system maturity, and stages of progression to maturity. We conduct data quality assessments and develop strategies for improvement. We provide comprehensive training, mentoring, platform optimization, and help desk functions.

We emphasize data use and data ethics. Data that can be interpreted intuitively—through, for example, data visualization and data dashboards—are more powerful. We offer guidance on data issues of privacy, security, access, representation, legality, and good governance.

The Measure Program capabilities and services in data solutions